The Film

The late 90s: Cool Britannia was in full swing, the Oasis vs. Blur rivalry was simmering, people still used Hotmail and the Nokia 3210 was a must-have tech gadget. And there's that song; 'I get knocked down, but I get up again': either the ultimate anthem of working-class perseverance or a deeply annoying novelty song, brought to you by a group of little known anarcho-punks living in a squat in Leeds. 

I Get Knocked Down is vocalist Dustan Bruce's personal account of the story behind THAT song and the rollercoaster ride that took his band, Chumbawamba, from DIY squat gigs to Madison Square Gardens, and back again.

The film reunites these anarchists-turned international pop stars, revealing for the first
time the hilarious true story behind their meteoric rise to fame, the notorious John
Prescott moment at the Brit Awards in ‘98, and a legacy reduced to a dancing
gorilla sold by Walmart.